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POSITION TITLE: Canine Welfare Technician Supervisor

REPORTS TO: Director of Training (SR)



The Canine Welfare Technician Supervisor is responsible for managing the day-to-day care of all dogs on campus under the control of the Training Department and for optimizing the physical conditions of the kennel environment.  The incumbent is responsible for directing the work of Canine Welfare staff as well as training and/or overseeing new employees and volunteers in proper care techniques. This hands-on supervisory position entails developing and assuring adherence to established kennel protocols; selecting and guiding CWT staff, and undertaking the full range of kennel duties as needed.

This position works closely with the CWT program manager in Oregon to ensure best practices.  In addition, this position collaborates with Kennel and Veterinary staff to ensure that proper protocols and procedures are followed to prevent disease and promote optimal health of our dogs.  The CWT Supervisor, working collaboratively with other departments, develops and oversees implementation of plans for dogs with behavior issues. 


Actively supervises Canine Welfare staff, providing direct support to ensure program needs are met.  Prioritizes and assigns duties, monitors performance against goals and objectives.

Manages day-to-day performance, selects and develops employees, coaches and counsels employees, holds each employee to performance standards and conducts performance evaluations.  Assists in assessing Canine Welfare staff for advancement to Apprentice positions.

Designs and administers educational programs for Canine Welfare staff to improve and foster their dog handling and canine health care skills.

Responsible for scheduling all CWT staff to ensure optimal coverage of canine care needs and other CWT duties (such as class assistance).

Monitor expenses and operates within approved CWT budget parameters for training kennel supplies.

Ensures or supervises on-the-job instruction to new Training Department staff and volunteers in accepted canine care and handling standards.

Undertakes canine welfare duties as needed, such as bathing, vet checks, medications, feeding, campus walks, etc.

To prevent disease and optimize health ensures consistency in the use of canine care protocols and procedures among Training staff.  Collaborates with Kennel and Vet staff in understanding and following new standards.  Maintains documentation of existing GDB canine care policies and procedures.

Develops and oversees projects designed to enhance physical and psychological care of all program and non-program dogs residing in the kennels, including behavior modification plans for non-program dogs.

Monitors environmental conditions in the kennels and pursues corrections to conditions (heating, air-cooling, use of bleaches and other chemicals) that may affect the dogs’ wellbeing and comfort.  Communicates with other departments to make environmental corrections as expeditiously as possible.

Oversees our organization's safety policies and procedures within the training department. Investigates and completes injury report for any incidents and accidents brought to the supervisor’s attention.

Member of organizational committees (Canine Evaluation Committee, Canine Health and Training Committee).

Undertakes other duties assigned.


Proficiency in canine handling, behavior, and care using positive reinforcement methods, typically gained by 5-7 years’ experience in training, veterinary or kennel position.

Preference will be given to applicants with experience using positive reinforcement techniques to modify problematic behavior.

A minimum of three years’ supervisory experience is desirable.

Must demonstrate sound judgment, strong communications and team-building skills and the ability to make timely and prudent decisions.

Self-starter, with ability to lead others and work independently with excellent attention to detail.

Must have excellent oral and written communication skills including the ability to communicate via voice mail and e-mail.

This position requires the ability to demonstrate administrative and organizational skills such as work organization and planning, multi-tasking, problem solving, and ability to perform basic word processing and spreadsheet tasks.

Must safely handle a variety of large breed dogs, weighing up to 90 pounds, with varying strength and manageability.  Ability to safely lift up to 40 pounds.  Employees are required to seek assistance when lifting dogs or objects weighing more than 40 pounds.

Able to withstand repetitive bending, kneeling and squatting.

Must possess a current California Driver’s License and possess a satisfactory driving record (must be insurable at regular risk rates).

High school diploma or equivalent.


This full time, exempt position may work weekends and/or holidays.


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