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The Canine Welfare Technician position is perfect for those people who are interested in caring for the dogs in our kennels. Canine welfare technicians (CWTs) provide physical and psychological care to our dogs that are being trained, career change dogs awaiting placement with adoptive families, as well as any dogs that are being boarded at our facilities. CWTs work on weekends and most holidays. They may also work one or more night shift per week (12:00pm to 9:00 pm). CWTs have two consecutive days off during the work week.

Some of general job duties include:

  • Providing basic care of kenneled dogs, such as walking, exercising, transporting, weighing, grooming, bathing and medicating
  • Reporting any health or behavioral changes in the dogs
  • Preparing and dispensing dog food and maintaining precise feeding records
  • Cleaning individual kennels and maintaining a sanitary kennel environment
  • Interacting with the public and volunteers
  • Assisting with the check-in/check-out of dogs from the kennels
  • Maintaining precise kennel records
  • Monitoring and controlling dogs during group socialization in our community dog runs
  • Providing all sorts of kennel enrichment opportunities for our dogs
  • Conducting campus tours
  • Providing assistance at graduations

There are three levels within the CWT job description, allowing for career advancement.

  • CWT I - This is an entry-level position.
  • CWT II - CWT IIs have mastered the CWT I duties and have been in the entry-level position for at least a year. They provide guidance and training to new CWT I staff members.
  • CWT III - CWT IIIs fill a leadership role for all CWTs and dog care within an individual kennel building.

How do we select CWTs?

Applications and resumes are accepted when there is a specific CWT opening and it is posted on the Open Positions section of our website. We do not keep resumes on file. We will notify you when we receive your resume if we wish to invite you to an interview. During the interview process, you will have a chance to work with one or more dogs in order for us to assess your dog handling abilities.

What are the requirements to become a CWT?

Applicants must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Additional education in fields such as the life sciences, psychology, sociology or education is highly recommended. Previous hands-on experience with dogs is also extremely valuable, and does enhance your prospects for being invited to an interview. Helpful work experiences include:

  • veterinary care
  • military or law enforcement K-9 handling
  • kennel or humane society work
  • horse training and professional riding
  • zoo animal or marine mammal handling and training
  • grooming work

You must have the ability to handle a variety of large breed dogs with varying strength and manageability, as well as the ability to lift up to 40 pounds. The job requires that you be able to remain on your feet, standing and walking all day on cement. The job also requires you to be able to withstand up to two hours of repetitive bending, stooping, kneeling and squatting.

You need to have a current driver's license with an insurable driving record at normal risk rates.

You must be able to communicate via voicemail and e-mail and be able to perform basic word processing and database tasks.