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GDB instructor works a dog-in-training through an intersection

Licensed Guide Dog mobility instructors are the backbone of our Training Department. They are committed to our mission of providing the best possible training for our dogs and the people that we serve. Their responsibilities include:

  • Formally training dogs to become guides.
  • Conducting our student training; teaching the students how to work with their new Guide Dogs.
  • Overseeing the work of their teammates (which includes training apprentice instructors).
  • Visiting our alumni on follow-up trips and/or interviewing perspective students in their homes.
  • Representing Guide Dogs for the Blind at public functions as speakers before community groups, clubs and service organizations.

Licensed instructors have completed our three-year Apprenticeship Program and have passed the rigorous oral, written, and practical tests conducted by the California State Guide Dog Board (apprentices at our Oregon campus are also required to obtain the California State Guide Dog Instructor License to maintain consistency in GDB's training program).

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