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A graduate of our school walks with his German Shepherd Guide Dog down a long hallway. The key to understanding our financial health and our program statistics is comprehending the broad scope and impact of our mission. Simply put, we create powerful partnerships between people and well-trained dogs. But the reach of our work goes much deeper and has an influence far greater than appears on the surface.

We start by creating the best potential for partnership.

Through youth camps, puppy raising activities, and adoptions of our K9 Buddy dogs, we're helping children who are blind or visually impaired explore the Guide Dog lifestyle. For blind adults, we are a resource for them to get the proper referrals to orientation and mobility training prior to acceptance into our program so that when they arrive, they are prepared for success. We have also made the strategic decision to invest in an unprecedented outreach program that actively recruits and trains people with vision loss across all walks, and all parts of the U.S. and Canada. Our goal is to help anyone with vision loss understand their mobility options and prepare for a Guide Dog partnership.

Our exceptional breeding, kennel, puppy raising and training programs ensure that our dogs are prepared to reach their full potential as well.

The next step is creating the best partnerships of any guide dog school in North America.

We help people who are blind find that perfect partner and build a relationship that will last a lifetime. It's a partnership that goes far beyond mobility. These incredible partnerships are possible because we have the best dogs, the best trainers, and the most comprehensive training program of its kind.

Finally, we support the partnerships for years to come.

Guide Dogs offers exceptional support for animal-human partnership, free of charge, for as long as an alumnus is able to use a Guide Dog. This support can often mean retraining and recreating as many as six or seven (or even more) Guide Dog partnerships over the life of the blind person; providing consistent quality veterinary support and literally decades of personalized in-home training through follow-up visits as needed. In addition, we are constantly investing in research and development, creating new approaches and techniques in breeding, veterinary care, training and support, which is why our success rate continues to climb. We are also dedicated to expanding the web of support for blind people and their guides in their communities through our strong connections with local veterinarians, puppy raising clubs, agencies and organizations.

We invite you to learn more, and help us turn a ripple into a wave.

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