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GDB is proud to announce that our generous major donors will now be recognized through the newly-formed President’s Circle (formerly the Norah Hamilton Straus Major Donors Circle). Our donors’ investment in our mission makes a profound difference in both the lives of our clients who are blind or visually impaired, and the dogs we breed and train to partner with them.

Membership in the President’s Circle is reserved for those donors contributing $5,000 or more each year. Membership is renewed annually (based on GDB’s fiscal year, starting on July 1 and closing June 30 of the following year), with the following member benefits:

  • Listing in the President’s Circle donor recognition walls located on both of our campuses
  • Honor Roll listing in GDB’s Annual Report
  • A members-only annual letter from our President and CEO updating you on the latest news at GDB

Giving Levels and Sponsorship Opportunities

Friends: $5,000-$9,999

  • $5,000 — Name a Puppy

    This generous gift covers the entire cost of breeding, whelping, socializing, and veterinary care for one Guide Dog puppy in training and gives you the opportunity to give a puppy his name for life, subject to name availability. Guidelines for Name a Puppy program are available through the Development department.

  • $7,500 — Send Youths to Camp GDB

    Sponsor six teens to attend camp. Camp GDB brings together youth who are blind or visually impaired at our campuses to learn about the guide dog lifestyle. It is four days of adventure, fun, and learning.

Companions: $10,000-$24,999

  • $10,000 — K9 Buddy Champion

    A K9 Buddy Championship provides a companion dog and ongoing support, free of charge, for a child or young adult who is blind or visually impaired. A dog can contribute to sensory development, motivating a child to learn, and enhancing self-esteem while strengthening the human/animal bond.

  • $15,000 — Guide Dog Team Sponsor

    Sponsor our mission in action. GDB is committed to pairing the right dog with the right person. Your gift assists with the cost of creating a working guide dog team, including formal training of a guide dog by our certified instructors, as well as the training for both the dog and the person with whom the dog is matched. On graduation day, you will have the opportunity to meet the team that was joined by your special gift and receive a DVD of the ceremony.

Partners: $25,000-$49,999

  • $25,000 — Lifetime Team Sponsor

    Make the ultimate difference in someone’s life. A Lifetime Team Sponsor giving level covers the same program costs as a Guide Dog Team Sponsor, plus all post-graduation services for the life of the team (an average of seven years), including veterinary care, in-home assessments, and field support. On graduation day, you will have the opportunity to meet the team and will receive a DVD of the ceremony.

  • $35,000 — Dog String Sponsor

    This gift covers the care, feeding, and training of a “string” of 8 to 16 dogs while in our kennels for their formal guidework training prior to being matched with clients. As a sponsor, you will receive a framed photo of the dogs your gift helped to train.

Heroes: $50,000-$99,999

  • $50,000 — Guide Dog Training Apprenticeship Benefactor

    Drive GDB’s apprenticeship program by helping us train future guide dog instructors. GDB’s apprenticeship is a three-year, hands-on program to prepare individuals to become licensed guide dog mobility instructors. By the end of their studies, apprentices are fully responsible for the complete training of the dogs in their charge, conducting full classes, and instructing up to two clients per class. In addition, your gift will support public presentations, demonstrations, and outreach efforts by instructors that help raise awareness of GDB’s world-class program. Benefactors will receive a framed photo of a newly licensed instructor and one of their trained guide dogs.

  • $75,000 — Class Sponsor

    Your special gift will underwrite the room, board, and training of a two-week class for five to seven students. Your gift creates working guide dog teams, including the dogs’ formal training by our certified instructors, as well as the training for students and their new dogs once they are paired in class. As a Class Sponsor, you will receive a framed photo of the class and have the opportunity to meet the class on graduation day.

Soul Mates: $100,000+

  • $100,000 — Critical Care Fund Sponsor

Critical Care Fund

Gifts of $5,000 or more to the Critical Care Fund will be honored with membership in the President’s Circle and will be recognized in the respective levels listed above.