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Graduate hugs his yellow lab Guide Dog.Unlike most schools or colleges that may offer, at best, four-year scholarships, Guide Dogs for the Blind offers 'lifetime' scholarships to each of its graduates, currently numbering over 2,100, all provided without any government funding. GDB charges no tuition or fees of its students.

The lifetime scholarship includes:

  • Transportation to and from GDB campuses
  • Room and board in a dormitory
  • The cost of breeding, training and caring for the dog
  • Training the person and dog to work as a team
  • In-home, post-graduate support services for the life of the dog

The same offer is made when the dog retires and the person is accepted for re-training with a successor dog. On average, most GDB alumni will enjoy the companionship of four or more Guide Dogs throughout their lives.

To ensure that every dog reaches its full potential, GDB carefully nurtures its dogs through its breeding, veterinary care, socialization and training processes, and develop meaningful roles for them as guides, breeding stock dogs, K9 Buddies, or pets.

Because of the importance of this mission, Guide Dogs for the Blind is a careful steward of your donation. GDB is dedicated to providing the best services for its students and alumni, the best care for its dogs, and prudent financial management for the future. As the number of active alumni teams increase, the financial obligation attached to keeping GDB's promise also increases.

All services are funded through four sources:

  • Income from bequests and trusts
  • Income from GDB's Operating Reserve
  • Proceeds from Annual Fund contributions
  • Revenue from Gift Shop sales and other sources