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A yellow lab Guide Dog walks quickly with her partner down a corridorGuide Dogs for the Blind is a school – for both people and dogs – but no other school even comes close to what GDB offers to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Tuition: $0 – There is no charge to you for our services.

We reach out to generous, caring people who believe, as we do, in the incredible power of the human-animal bond. These wonderful folks are committed to supporting our services so that financial concerns related to Guide Dog training will not get in the way of a blind person's ability to realize their dreams of receiving a canine partner.

Air Travel/Room and Board: $0

Getting to and from our campuses for class training is all part of the scholarship package. Our beautiful campuses (near San Francisco and Portland) offer comfortable dormitories and excellent cuisine that make the training a truly positive experience.

Personalized Training

We respect our students' individual goals, needs and learning styles. Class lecture material is provided prior to training so that individuals have opportunities to learn at their own pace. Three-week classes of up to 12 students have a student/instructor ratio of 3 to 1; while two-week classes have six students and a student/instructor ratio of 2:1. Additional transition training is available if needed. Four-week classes of up to 20 students have a ratio of 4:1. Class discussions and "goal meetings" give students the opportunity to tailor their training and have questions answered. Opportunities for additional class work are provided. Custom training is offered for people with physical challenges in addition to their blindness.

Age Limit: None

Unlike some schools that cut off applications for people who are 75 or older, Guide Dogs for the Blind has no upper age limit. Each applicant is given full consideration based on mobility, need and specific circumstances.

Our Dogs: $Priceless

Three students in training with their guide dogs share a laughGuide Dogs for the Blind takes great pride in our matching process. As the largest school of its kind, we offer students the best opportunity to find that special partner to suit their unique needs and personality. GDB maintains a high level breeding program and our dogs receive care and nurturing from expert staff and dedicated volunteers. Guide Dogs for the Blind is a leader in Guide Dog training, offering such recent innovations as the new Swiss harness and clicker training techniques in guidework.

Veterinary Financial Assistance:

Our Veterinary Financial Assistance Program offers up to $250 annually to cover basic veterinary care for the working life of the Guide Dog. Veterinary professionals who take part in this program generously offer their services at no or low cost to our Guide Dogs. Our school covers more than one million dollars annually to ensure that our working dogs maintain their health and vitality.

Post-graduation Support:

Our commitment doesn't end at graduation. We offer unparalleled life-long support to our graduates. Access to staff experts (peer counselors, instructors, local field managers, veterinarians and others) is a valuable alumni benefit. Each graduate team is afforded the opportunity of an annual in-home visit.

Alumni Association:

We create community through alumni chapter clubs throughout the United States and Canada. As part of the Guide Dog Family, many of our graduates are involved with Guide Dog puppy raising clubs and volunteer on our speaker's bureau and in fundraising or educational events. Through the Alumni Association our graduates receive information, peer support, communications, scholarships, and offer feedback to our organization.

Nursing Program:

We provide nursing services to supplement students' health care needs and provide support during the training program. Nurses are on duty at each campus each morning through the evening hours each day.

And More:

There are so many reasons that Guide Dogs for the Blind is the place to be. To find out more, visit or call 800 295-4050.