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It's great to get your questions answered up-front so you know what to pack. Here's a list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to ask more--we want your stay with us to be carefree!

Q. Do I need to bring towels and sheets?
A. Towels, soaps, and bed linens are provided.

Q. How is laundry handled?
A. Labeled washers, dryers, laundry soap and irons are available free-of-charge. Machines are labeled in Braille.

Q. Are there phones in the rooms?
A. There are phones (land lines) in each room. You should bring a pre-paid calling card or plan to call collect for long-distance calls. Personal cell phones are permitted.

Q. Can I receive a fax?
A. Students can receive faxes at 415 499-4035 (CA), and 503 668-2141 (OR)

Q. Are there computers available?
A. Computers with JAWS and Zoom Text software are available.

Q. Is there Internet and e-mail access?
A. Our dormitories are equipped with wireless Internet access. E-mails are assigned by room number; for example, a student in room 1A in Oregon would be: A student staying in 1A on the California campus would be:

Q. What other reading/listening devices are available?
A. There are personal CD players, talking book players, scanners and magnifiers, and large-screen televisions with DVD/VCR players available.

Q. Are there books, magazines, and videos available?
A. There are magazines and novels on cassette and in Braille as well as descriptive videos available on loan.

Q. Is there exercise equipment available?
A. Our exercise rooms include free weights, treadmills, rowing machines, and stationary bicycles.

Q. What other amenities are available?
A. The California campus has a swimming pool available for use in the summer. Both campuses have pleasant walking paths with benches. The California campus has a grand piano. Both have electric keyboards, guitars and other musical instruments, as well as games.

Q. Can my family/friends visit while I'm in class?
A. Sundays are a great day for visitors. There is flexibility in incorporating visits on other days.

Q. Will I be able to attend religious services?
A. There are places of worship for most religions near the campuses. Volunteers may be available to assist with transportation.

Q. Will you be able to accommodate my medically prescribed diet?
A. We will provide for all physician-prescribed special diets.

Q. Is there a way for me to bring/buy additional food items?
A. There is a shared refrigerator and microwave available for student use.

Q. Is smoking permitted?
A. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas on campus.