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Student works with her Guide DogGuide Dogs is dedicated to expanding the web of support for blind people and their guides in their communities. Through strong connections with local veterinarians, puppy raising clubs, agencies and organizations, a powerful network is at the ready to offer support and camaraderie. GDB's extensive follow-up program is the most comprehensive of its kind, including everything from phone consultation, personal home visits, education, advocacy, and networking.

Our commitment continues through the working life of the dogs, their retirement and beyond.

  • All alumni are offered annual visits in their homes.
  • Our professionally certified instructors are stationed across the United States to provide in-home assessment and assistance to our alumni. We also offer telephone counseling for dog management, veterinary questions, or mobility concerns.
  • We have a professional peer counselor on staff that is available for consultation on emotional issues, such as family adjustment or a dog's retirement.
  • The Veterinary Financial Assistance Program ensures that all dogs receive the quality health care they deserve; financial assistance is available when needed to reimburse alumni for some of the cost of veterinary care. Staff veterinarians are always available for consultations with local veterinarians.
  • We provide access and discrimination assistance upon request, such as information regarding pertinent laws and penal codes to individuals or businesses to prevent denial of access or other discrimination against Guide Dog users.
  • We promote responsible pet ownership, including law enforcement training, in an effort to address the problem of attacks by loose or uncontrolled dogs.

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