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Class Lecture Audio

To obtain class lecture materials for Victor Reader Stream, please contact the Support Center.

Guide Work Basics:
Addressing Guidework Errors.mp3
Advanced Management.mp3
Communicating With Your Guide Dog.mp3
Managing Your Guide Dog.mp3
Orientation and Learning Routes.mp3
Street Crossings.mp3

Clicker Information:
Class Clicker Techniques Part 1.mp3
Class Clicker Techniques Part 2.mp3

Additional Guidework Topics:
Customizing Your Guide Dog's Vocabulary.mp3
Dog Encounters.mp3
Special Travel Condition.mp3
Total Barricades and Traffic Encounters.mp3
Working In Buildings.mp3
Working on Platforms.mp3
Working with Rounded Corners.mp3
Working without Sidewalks.mp3

Living and Leisure with Your Guide Dog:
Care of your Guide Dog.mp3
Creating A Safe Environment For Your Guide Dog.mp3
Going On A Trip with Your Guide Dog.mp3
Leaving Your Guide Dog Alone.mp3
Playing With Your Guide Dog.mp3
Transitioning From Our Campus To Your Home.mp3

Supporting Lectures:
Client Services Lecture.mp3
Alumni Association Lecture.mp3
Development Lecture.mp3
The General Public.mp3
Marketing and Public Communication.mp3
Vet Lecture.mp3
VFA Lecture.mp3
Why Does Your Guide Dog Work.mp3

Program Specific:
Class Feeding, Watering, and Relieving.mp3
Promoting Independence.mp3
Transitioning to a Successor Dog.mp3
Welcome and Dorm Orientation.mp3

Class Lecture Text Files

Guide Work Basics:
Addressing Guidework Errors.txt
Advanced Management.txt
Communicating With Your Guide Dog.txt
Managing Your Guide Dog.txt
Orientation and Learning Routes.txt
Street Crossings.txt
Class Clicker Techniques Part 1.txt
Class Clicker Techniques Part 2.txt

Additional Guidework Topics:
Customizing Your Guide Dog's Vocabulary.txt
Dog Encounters.txt
Special Travel Conditions.txt
Total Barricade and Traffic Encounters.txt
Working In Buildings.txt
Working on Platforms.txt
Working Rounded Corners.txt
Working without Sidewalks.txt

Living and Leisure with Your Guide Dog:
Care of your Guide Dog.txt
Creating a Safe Environment for Your Guide Dog.txt
Going on a Trip with Your Guide Dog.txt
Leaving Your Guide Dog Alone.txt
Playing with Your Guide Dog.txt
Transitioning from Our Campus to Your Home.txt

Supporting Lectures:
Client Services Lecture - Kelly Martin.txt
Alumni Association Lecture - T. Duncan.txt
Development Lecture - Bob Sonnenberg.txt
The General Public.txt
Marketing and Public Communication.txt
Vet Class Lecture - Kent, Williams and Dietrich.txt
VFA Lecture - Stacey Ellison.txt
Why A Guide Dog Works.txt

Program Specific:
Class Feeding, Watering and Relieving.txt
Promoting Independence.txt
Transitioning to a Successor Dog.txt
Welcome and Dorm Orientation.txt