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This Guide Dog User Contract acknowledges that Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) has provided “Guide Dog User” with a course of instruction according to the applicable rules and regulations of the State of California in the use of a Guide Dog and has delivered into the Guide Dog User's possession the Guide Dog described as follows:

It is agreed that

  1. Ownership. GDB shall retain title and ownership rights of the Guide Dog, including the right to take possession of the Guide Dog if, in the sole opinion of GDB, the Guide Dog User does not comply with the terms and conditions outlined below. The Guide Dog User may request ownership of the above described Guide Dog after a one year transitional period. If the Guide Dog User has abided by the terms and conditions of this agreement and demonstrates the ability to continue to do so in the future, GDB, according to its sole judgment, may grant unconditional ownership of this guide to the Guide Dog User.
  2. Ownership of the Harness. The Guide Dog Harness represents GDB's licensing authorization for the Guide Dog User to use the Guide Dog as an active guide. The issued Harness remains the property of GDB and must be returned upon the death or retirement of the Guide Dog at the sole discretion of GDB.
  3. Services for Active Team. The Guide Dog User will be entitled to all services as approved from time to time by the GDB Board of Directors while the Guide Dog User and the Guide Dog remain an active team.
  4. Terms and Conditions of the Contract. The Guide Dog User will:
    • Properly feed, shelter, and care for the guide dog in a kind and humane manner. The Guide Dog User will not allow the Guide Dog to run off leash, unless in a fenced in area.
    • Maintain the Guide Dog in good physical condition, keeping it at a reasonable weight, providing all reasonable and necessary veterinary care, and providing the Guide Dog with an annual veterinary examination. The Guide Dog user will have his/her veterinarian complete the veterinary form and return it GDB annually.
    • Not lend, give or sell the Guide Dog to any other person. The Guide Dog User will not allow the Guide Dog to be used as a guide by any other person, nor allow the Guide Dog to guide or lead another blind person.
    • Not use or handle the guide dog in any manner that would put the health or safety of the Guide Dog User, the Guide Dog, or the public, at risk.
    • Not use the Guide Dog in any manner which would reflect poorly on the Guide Dog User, the Guide Dog or GDB.
    • Notify Guide Dogs immediately of any of the following:
      Change in Guide Dog User's address.
      Any serious injury, serious illness, loss, straying, or death of the dog.
      Any incident resulting in damage or injury to any person, animal or property.
      The need to retire the Guide Dog.
  5. Retirement of the Guide Dog. If GDB elects to retire the Guide Dog within the transitional first year, the puppy raiser has the first right to ownership. After the transitional first year, the Guide Dog User has the option of keeping the Guide Dog or placing it with a close family member or friend or returning it to GDB for placement. If there is a compelling reason for a placement outside these guidelines, GDB in its sole discretion may reserve the right to make such a placement decision.
  6. Resolution of Disputes. The Guide Dog User is encouraged to contact Graduate Services of GDB with any Guide Dog problems. If a decision of Graduate Services results in a dispute, the Guide Dog User may appeal to the President and CEO. If a dispute is not resolved, GDB and the Guide Dog User agree that all disputes concerning this Contract shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the arbitration agreement established by the California Business and Professions Code Section 7215.6. A copy of this code is available upon request. This provision shall not preclude GDB from seeking court intervention to protect the safety and/or well being of the Guide Dog.

This Contract shall be interpreted to reflect that the intent of both parties is to provide for the safety and well-being of the Guide Dog User, the Guide Dog, and the general public.