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GDB grad walks with his yellow lab Guide Dog

Dianne Phelps talks about the difference her Guide Dogs have made in her life. (1 min.)
Graduates of Guide Dogs for the Blind's talk about the 2-week training program. (4 min.)

"I reached out and touched the softest, silkiest, fluffiest little body I have ever felt. I touched her face and she licked my hand. I then ran my hand down her back to her tail and it was wagging. As I reached out to hug her, I was filled with such emotion, I burst into tears. 'Hello Tine,' I said, sobbing. 'You're so pretty and soft. Your ears are like velvet. You're going to be my eyes, my angel sent to me from God.'

"Years have gone by since I brought Tine home with me. I still fill up with tears of joy and gratitude when I share the story of how I was introduced to my dog. We go everywhere together and have experienced many challenging adventures. Every day, my little sighted friend teaches me the meaning of unconditional love, loyalty and forgiveness. She is my trusted companion, my eyes and my best friend."
Sally Dodge and Tine

"My new Guide Dog, Julio, helps me with many challenges. He guides me around obstacles so smoothly I hardly know they're there. He walks right over cracks in sidewalks. He also helps me keep walking in a straight line. I can cross streets more easily because I don't have to wonder when I'll get to the other side. If Julio is doing his job correctly, I know he'll stop when we get to the other side."
Nickie Coby and Julio

"My partnership with my Guide Dog has connected me to other people in a way using a cane never could. Having a Guide Dog is a social asset for someone who is blind. It offers the opportunity for even strangers to connect. People want to say 'hi'."
Takashi Tanemori and Yuki

"I can't say enough about the care and love the GDB veterinary staff gave my dog. They were just amazing!"
Ann Kysor and Savvy

"You fastened yourself to me completely at age two and were mine for 12 amazing years. We sped down streets at a pace that made some adults breathless, and as long as I told you what to do – forward, left, right – my life and absolute trust were in your paws. Your loyalty and devotion were profound lessons."
Deborah Kendrick speaking of her former guide Clarice

"Compensating for lost abilities and making it look easy is of paramount importance. I want to be known for my work, not for my blindness. When the focus remains on the ease with which my Guide Dog and I move, it is good for me as a person and as a professional."
Morgan Watkins and Will

"Guide Dogs for the Blind is a place of positive energy from the instructors, who are so patient and kind, to the helpful and loving staff. Everyone makes you feel right at home."
Ayaka Isonon and Pablo

"By the time we had completed our second block together, I had tears in my eyes and I was overwhelmed at how gracefully we moved down the sidewalk, gliding around obstacles and people. I remember saying to my instructors that it was just like dancing."
Patricia Pace and Myra

"Partnering with a Guide Dog is all about trust and teamwork. No one knows that better than me."
Michael Hingson and Roselle (World Trade Center survivors)