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A yellow lab pictured sleeping with a black and white catIf you're interested in adopting one of our career change dogs, please review our adoption criteria to see if your home might be a good match:

  • Adoption is only open to those living in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and North Texas.
  • Adopters are required to pay a $750 adoption fee at the time of adoption.
  • Interested adopters and their families must be willing to travel, at their own expense, to either our San Rafael, California, or Boring, Oregon, campus within a week of being notified by our Dog Placement office that a potentially suitable dog is available. In particular, children under the age of 10 need to accompany their parents, to ensure the dog will be a good family match.
  • It is strongly recommended that any dog already in the household also come to the campus to meet the new dog on neutral ground and to improve the likelihood of a smooth transition.
  • Adopters must be willing to do the following:
    • purchase an extra large size crate for use in the transition to the new home.
    • work with the medical or behavioral needs of available dogs.
    • attend dog training classes appropriate to the temperament of the new dog. Career change dogs often need further training or behavior modification.
    • have either a fully fenced area or kennel run at least five feet in height. A fence check will be performed prior to any dog going home. A fence check will not be performed until and unless a suitable dog is available.