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Yellow lab puppy gets some attention in the kennel. On any given day, our kennels are buzzing with newborn puppies with their fuzzy faces, soulful brown eyes and wagging tails. When combining nature and nurture, our puppies have the best of both worlds. From their excellent lineage (our Breeding Program), to their nurtured environment when they enter the world (our Kennel Program), Guide Dog puppies can't help but get off to a good start. Our kennel staff welcomes approximately 800 pups into the world each year. Staff and volunteers ensure that all of their earliest needs are met, from health care and nutrition to socialization and human interaction.

The dogs are all born into a warm and nurturing environment under the supervision of our professional staff 24 hours a day. Why round-the-clock attention? It allows for:

  • Care and feeding of newborns
  • Efficient administration of medications
  • Oversight of veterinary treatment

Young puppy held by a caretaker in the kennel.

Already very used to human contact, our puppies begin formal socializing at 9 days old via our toddler socializing program, where they learn to enjoy humans in their personal space. At 6 weeks of age, after being weaned from Mom, they are gently introduced to the world by skilled puppy socialization volunteers. During their first daily outings they encounter all kinds of new things, like stairways, grates, and unusual objects.

In addition to the pups, our kennels are full of the lively sounds and activities of many adult dogs:

  • Guide Dogs in various stages of their formal training
  • Dogs that are being boarded
  • Breeding stock dogs
  • Dogs awaiting placement in adoptive homes

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