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Kennel employee cuddles a small puppy in the whelping kennel.

Here are a few ways that volunteers help out in our Kennel Department:

Kennel volunteers work alongside staff and assist with the daily tasks of keeping our kennels in meticulous order and our puppies in excellent health. They help by cleaning stalls and preparing food; feeding and bathing the dogs; washing dishes and generally keeping the kennel environment in tip top shape.

Dog walkers and dog cuddlers give the non-training dogs in our care some one-on-one time. They walk the dogs on our campus, take them for a romp in our designated off-leash play area, or simply spend some quiet time cuddling with them.

Our volunteer puppy photographer takes pictures each week of our new arrivals, then sorts the pictures by litter for us to send to the respective female breeding stock dog's proud custodians.

Kennel inventory volunteers perform complete dog head counts every week and compare their findings with our computer database to make sure our kennel registry is accurate and up to date.

Computer data volunteers help to input bits of data on our dogs and puppies into our comprehensive database. We track things such as puppy behavior, health histories and nursing care.

Yellow lab puppy is socialized by a volunteer.Puppy socializers have perhaps the most coveted volunteer job on campus. These volunteers offer our puppies their first glimpses of the outside world. Six days a week, socializers take the 6-8 week-old puppies on individual walks around the campus oversee their group interactions in our puppy play yard. They introduce the pups to all kinds of new sights, smells, surfaces and objects, and give them a gentle introduction to walking on a leash.