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GDB currently issues one tug toy and one chew toy for each client's dog in class. The following list provides more choices about other appropriate toys for guides.

Chew toys that may be appropriate for unmonitored dogs:

*Nylabone products that are NONedible and NOT soft or flexible

Nylabone Product Examples:

  • Double action chew
  • Dinos - The Big Chew, NOT the Dental Dino – too soft
  • Galileo - These can break if dropped on a hard surface
  • Knot bone
  • Ring
  • Big chew beef bone
  • Big chew turkey bone

Chew toys that require close monitoring:

  • Goughnuts
  • Dental ball
  • Durable Dental Dino
  • Dental chew S shape
  • Kongs (black) these are also interactive
  • Everlasting treat ball (large)

Interactive ONLY (should never be left with your dog):

  • Ruff toys - good rope toys and tug rings
  • Booda - several different types of tug ropes
  • Nylon webbing tug toys -

Off-leash play in an enclosed yard (dog should be monitored):

For crate or other confined area that is easy to clean:

  • Stuffed Kongs
  • Ice cubes
  • Premiere toys food-dispensing toys -

*Note: Kibble added to a toy needs to be subtracted from the dog's daily ration.