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We are all excited about the approaching holiday season. There's cold weather, snow (if you're lucky enough), shopping, presents, families, friends, decorations, and all the wonderful smells and good foods of the season. But as excited as we get, we cannot forget all the possible problems that can happen to our pets at this time. Just for fun, get down on your hands and knees and pretend that you are your dog or cat...

Look at all the exciting new things my owner has put in the house for me to play with! Hmmm, there is a nice tree with shiny tinsel that shakes and moves—what a fun new toy! Those ornaments look like they're made of homemade dough—they definitely need sampling. And look! There are endless strands of wires that would make great chew toys, and those tree branches look like they'd be great to nibble. There's even a handy dandy water dish under the tree—how thoughtful! Might as well give it a slurp. The beautiful gift-wrapped presents are mighty intriguing—so many bows and ribbons! I think just have to chew them open to see what is inside. I think I smell chocolate in one, and another has a gift basket full of goodies. Is that sausage?!

Good thing that I'm the first one up after a big party last night—I can take care of those leftovers and plates of goodies on the coffee table before anyone else is even awake! I wonder why people eat food stuck on little sticks? Oh well, that just means I have to swallow a little harder. There's plenty to drink too—the glasses all seem to be half-full with leftover liquids. Some taste like medicine, but others are really good. That must be the eggnog that I've heard is so yummy! Might as well finish off the glasses themselves—they’re crunchy!

Ohhhh, my stomach hurts. I hope somebody wakes up soon, I have to go the vet!

With a few precautions we can prevent this from happening to our pets. Happy Holidays!