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Orientation and Mobility specialists take an offered seminar.Guide Dogs for the Blind is committed to fostering relationships with orientation and mobility specialists and agencies for the blind and visually impaired. We offer seminars in communities around the US and Canada to assist O&M specialists in their work with people who are visually impaired. We acknowledge the importance of good cane skills and urge our candidates to obtain orientation and mobility training prior to applying for a Guide Dog.

O&M specialists who attend GDB's O&M Seminar are eligible to receive 13.5 CE hours for participating. The course meets the high standards set by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP). Programs are designed to offer certificants the means to demonstrate professional knowledge and skills that promote the provision of quality service and ethical practice.

What you will learn

Completion of our O&M Seminar will allow you to:

  • Educate clients who express an interest in working with a guide dog to the guide dog lifestyle, and in particular, the GDB class training program.
  • Prepare clients in the transition from cane to dog.
  • Assist clients in qualifying for the GDB program.
  • Assist clients in completing the GDB application process.
  • Assess clients' travel skills and other requirements for qualification for admission to GDB's program.
  • Provide orientation assistance to active GDB alumni in the field.

Who should apply to the seminar?

  • University-trained O&M specialists
  • O&M specialists who have attended a GDB O&M Seminar prior to 2003

Schedule, content and cost of GDB O&M Seminar

O&M seminars are two days in length. There is no fee to attend, but we do request that travel costs be met by the O&M specialist or their agency. GDB will provide lunch to participants at no cost.

Upcoming Seminars

(Please Note: O&M seminars are limited to 12 participants due to the "hands-on" nature of the training)

Seminars are held on our San Rafael, CA campus and at various agencies throughout the US. If you are interested in learning more about GDB's O&M seminar dates and opportunities, please contact our Outreach Manager Jane Flower at or at 800-295-4050.