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Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency.

This quote from Mahatma Gandhi introduces a video produced by Guide Dogs for the Blind. This simple but profound thought on the value of interdependence is accompanied by beautiful images of interdependence in nature and daily life such as rainwater dripping off lush green foliage, a baby's hand wrapped around his mother's finger. A team of rowers glides across the water. A city street bustles with umbrellas on a rainy day. A father helps his daughter learn to ride her bike. A hummingbird visits a flower.

As the narration in the video continues, we are introduced to Brianne Cox, a young college student preparing for her day. As the dog bounds playfully through the house, like any pet dog, she gracefully moves down the hall, her hand languidly trailing the wall. She sits to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. The viewer is gently introduced to the idea that she's blind. She fastens her wristwatch and her hand falls to her dog's head and trails down the dog's back to find the harness handle.

The video then dissolves to a slow montage of personalities and activities. Another Guide Dogs for the Blind alumni includes musician Ed Daniels. He is shown sitting by a tree strumming a guitar while his dog looks on. With dog by his side, Patrick Blodorn skips rocks on the river's surface. Theresa Duncan exits a bus with her dog. Howie Heron enjoys a moment of camraderie with his dog on a bench. Syliva Munoz learns to teach her dog obedience under the guidance of a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. Takashi Tanemori gets a thorough face-licking from his guide. Darren Keepers is shown with his new guide at a graduation ceremony in Oregon. And Paul Hutsgo practices avoiding overhead obstacles with his guide.

There are many other portrait shots of volunteers, raisers, staff members, puppies, dogs in training, and working guides. As the video comes to a close, we dissolve back to Brianne Cox and her dog heading out the stairs and out the door to greet the world. As Brianne opens the door, the two are bathed in white light, which then dissolves to become the Guide Dogs for the Blind logo. Key contact information is then posted on how to get in touch with Guide Dogs for the Blind and then the video fades to black.