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Welcome to GDB's puppycam!

Catch Guide Dog puppies romping in the kennel, supervised tirelessly by skilled staff and loving volunteers. Whether you're interested in seeing a particular breed, or just want to watch puppies play, you've come to the right place.

August 2010

August 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (2:25)

July 2010

July puppycam features black Lab puppies from Guide Dogs for the BlindJuly 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (1:50)

June 2010

June puppycam features black Lab puppies from Guide Dogs for the BlindJune 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (2:01)

May 2010

May puppycam features Guide Dogs' Golden Retriever puppiesMay 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (2:25)

April 2010

Fame puppies play in GDB's April 2010 puppycamApril 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (2:14)

March 2010

March 2010 puppycam with a baby black Lab puppyMarch 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (1:32)

February 2010

February 2010 puppycam with a yellow Lab puppyFebuary 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (1:43)

January 2010

GDB January 2010 puppycam with a leaping yellow LabJanuary 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (1:43)

December 2009

Black lab puppy playingDecember 2010 puppycam on YouTube. (2:12)

November 2009

Yellow lab puppy plays with a stuffed toyNovember 2009 episode on YouTube. (2:40)

October 2009

Yellow lab with pupsOctober 2009 episode on YouTube. (2:45)

September 2009

Puppy chews on a stuffed toySeptember 3 episode on YouTube. (0:32)

August 2009

A puppy plays with a mentor dog in GDB's play yardAugust 5 episode on YouTube. (1:27)

July 2009

Puppy kisses a volunteerJuly 13 episode on YouTube. (1:52)

June 2009

Golden Retriever puppyJune 22 episode on YouTube. (1:49)

April 2009

Black lab puppy chews on a plastic bottle in the playyardApril 13 episode on YouTube. (1:32)

March 2009

A yellow lab puppy sniffs her leash while out for a walkMarch 23 episode on YouTube. (1:29)