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Beep ball champion Wayne Sibson of Austin, Texas, doesn't let his vision loss get in the way of leading a full and active life, thanks in part to his yellow Lab guide Faraday from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

"Faraday is always on the go, wanting to do something new," Wayne said. "He walks fast and really keeps me going—which is great—especially when I'm trying to catch the bus to get to beep ball practice!

"Beep ball is patterned after baseball, only the ball beeps and the bases buzz, and everyone but the catcher and pitcher are wearing blindfolds. I've been playing beep ball since I was 13; I was introduced to the game by a friend who is also blind. I thought it was cool to be able to play ball just like all the other kids. As an adult, I helped found the Austin Blackhawks.

"Right now, I'm trying to charter a little league for blind youth. The biggest difficulty we're facing is getting the parents to let their kids come out and play ball. The kids are all for it, but the parents are too protective.

"Our team has won seven tournaments in a row! Going to the tournaments involves a fair amount of travel—I've even been to Taiwan three times—and my Guide Dog goes with me everywhere I go. This year, we'll be going to Cleveland; last year, it was Houston."