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Photo Album Collection

Historical Photos.


Historical Photos

A slideshow of Guide Dogs during its infancy.


Campus Photos.


Campus Photos

Pictures of our campuses in Oregon and California.


Litters: September - October 2006.


Litters: September - October 2006

Pictures of puppy litters born in September and October of 2006


Litters: November - December 2006.


Litters: November - December 2006

Pictures of puppy litters born in November and December of 2006


Labs and Lunch 2007.


Labs and Lunch 2007

Photos from the Orange County Committee event Labs and Lunch 2007


Champagne and Chocolates Gala 2007.


Champagne and Chocolates Gala 2007


Litters: December 2006 - March 2007.


Litters: December 2006 - March 2007

Pictures of puppy litters born from December 15, 2006 - March 15, 2007


Tour de Cure 2007.


Tour de Cure 2007

Team GDB rode in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure in Napa Valley in May of 2007


Litters: March - April 2007.


Litters: March - April 2007

Pictures of puppy litters born in March and April of 2007


2008 Calendar Submissions.


2008 Calendar Submissions

Photos submitted by Guide Dogs' graduates, puppy raisers, and breeding stock custodians


2007 Wine Sight Event.


2007 Wine Sight Event

Photos from May 2007 event held in Santa Barbara


Fun Day 2007 - Oregon.


Fun Day 2007 - Oregon

Photos from Fun Day 2007 on our Oregon campus


No Barriers 2007.


No Barriers 2007

Photos from the 2007 No Barriers event


Raiser-Submitted Photos.


Raiser-Submitted Photos

Photos submitted by our puppy raisers in July of 2007


Fun Day 2007 - California.


Fun Day 2007 - California

Photos from Fun Day 2007 on our California campus


2007 Support Our Canine Heroes Wine Gala.


2007 Support Our Canine Heroes Wine Gala

Photos from the 2007 Wine Gala


2007 Legacy Luncheon.


2007 Legacy Luncheon


Litters: May - July 2007.


Litters: May - July 2007

Pictures of puppy litters born in May, June and July of 2007


2007 Festive Holiday Luncheon.


2007 Festive Holiday Luncheon

Photos from the event at the Westin St. Francis


Litters: Aug - Sep 2007.


Litters: Aug - Sep 2007

Pictures of puppy litters born in August and September of 2007


Litters: October - November 2007.


Litters: October - November 2007

Pictures of puppy litters born in October and November of 2007


2007 Oregon Fall Luncheon.


2007 Oregon Fall Luncheon

Photos from the Oregon Fall Luncheon event in November 2007


2009 Calendar Submissions.


2009 Calendar Submissions

Photos submitted for consideration in the 2009 calendar


Litters: February - March 2008.


Litters: February - March 2008

Pictures of puppy litters born in February and March of 2008


Community Connection Slideshow.


Community Connection Slideshow

Photos submitted by raisers for the Community Connection Newsletter


Labs and Lunch 2008.


Labs and Lunch 2008


Pinot and Pups 2008.


Pinot and Pups 2008

Photos from the Pinot and Pups event in Portland, OR in May 2008


Litters: December 2007 - January 2008.


Litters: December 2007 - January 2008

Pictures of puppies whelped between December 1, 2007 and January 31, 2008


SFSU O&M Students.


SFSU O&M Students

Photos of SFSU Orientation and Mobility (O&M) students


Date with the Dogs II.


Date with the Dogs II

Photos from the Date with the Dogs II event held at Moorpark Country Club in May 2008


Litters: April - May 2008.


Litters: April - May 2008

Litters whelped between April and May of 2008


Community Connection Photo Contest.


Community Connection Photo Contest

A slideshow of photo contest submissions for Community Connection


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