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In the course of my assigned duties as an enrolled volunteer of Guide Dogs for the Blind I am protected against personal liabilities by GDB general liability insurance and by the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997. Only volunteers who are screened and registered as approved GDB volunteer drivers may drive as an approved task of a GDB volunteer. All other volunteers who drive are doing so as a personal responsibility without GDB authorization or liability coverage.

As a condition of working as a volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind, volunteers are covered by the same standards of behavior and code of conduct expected of staff and students. A copy of this code is attached.

I also understand that I am volunteering in the capacity of an Alumni Association Chapter representative for the Alumni Association Department. Should I wish to volunteer in another capacity (i.e., campus volunteer, puppy raiser, breeder custodian), I understand that I will need to complete the appropriate orientation and application process as required by each volunteer position.

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Publicity Release

GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND, INC., may wish to use photos taken at events where our dogs, staff, graduates or puppy raisers are present. Photos may be used in any and all promotional media: newsletters, web site, brochures, etc.

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Guide Dogs for the Blind

Purpose: Employees, volunteers and students are expected to observe certain standards of performance and conduct to ensure that Guide Dogs' mission and work is carried out in a safe and orderly way, and to ensure that we maintain high ethical standards throughout our organization.

Standards of Conduct: Our campuses and facilities are public places. Employees, volunteers and students are expected to conduct themselves as they would in any public area. Conduct which is not appropriate in public or which disrupts the safe and orderly operation of our business is considered inappropriate.

Conduct which is unsafe, unethical or illegal will not be permitted. Types of conduct which could constitute grounds for immediate dismissal include: physical violence; illegal acts such as theft, use or possession of illegal drugs or weapons; sexual activity; and inhumane treatment of a dog.

The following are examples of the kinds of misconduct that will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal:

  • Excessive absences or tardiness
  • Harassment in any form
  • Falsification of records or other documents
  • Animal abuse or neglect
  • Possession or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances
  • Theft, destruction or abuse of Guide Dogs' property or the property of others
  • Possession of weapons, firearms, or other potentially dangerous weapons or materials on Guide Dogs' property
  • Involvement in or the encouragement of illegal activities
  • Acts of physical violence, or acts involving threats, intimidation of coercion
  • Repeated lack of cooperation or courtesy in working with others, or failure to perform reasonable duties assigned
  • Unauthorized access to compute files or inappropriate use of computer networks
  • Disclosing or misusing private, proprietary or confidential information about Guide Dogs
  • Unethical business practices or conflict of interest
  • Undermining or subverting business decisions, unless they are reasonably believed to be illegal or unethical
  • Failure to adhere to other policies contained in our Employee Handbook, student agreements or other policies and procedures of Guide Dogs.

The above list is not all-inclusive. We ask that everyone conduct themselves with reasonable and proper consideration for the welfare and rights of other employees, volunteers and students for the best interests of this organization.

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