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CWN Social Takeover

Tuesday November 23, 2021

Three GDB staff members wearing scrubs each hold a young yellow Lab puppy in their arms outside the GDB Puppy Center.

Greetings from the Canine Welfare Neonatal Department (CWN)! On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, our department is taking over GDB’s social media platforms. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at what our team does and how we care for the adult breeding dogs and guide dog puppies under our care! Have you ever wondered what the dogs in the breeding colony do while they’re here on campus? Or what types of socializing the young puppies are exposed to? You’ll get to hear and see it all when you follow along with our department in our new puppy center!

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The Canine Welfare Neonatal (CWN) Department is comprised of about 30 individuals who care for all the adult breeder dogs and puppies on the GDB campus in San Rafael, CA. They are a variety of Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Lab/Golden crosses. Our department works 24/7 and we care for the puppies from birth until they go to their puppy raiser homes at approximately 8 weeks of age. We help each mama through her delivery process and make sure each puppy is doing well after birth. Our crew is very closely knit and we maintain a highly collaborative work environment. In February of 2020, we moved into our new Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Center which has greatly improved our ability to care and socialize through a variety of experiences and enrichment activities.

While our crew interacts with a lot of cute puppies and dogs, we do have plenty of behind-the-scenes work that happens as well. Along with all the puppies and moms come with a lot of laundry, dishes, and cleaning too! Some of that work includes working closely with other departments here at GDB. We collaborate with almost every department and overlap while working with the dogs and on many projects.

One of our goals for the puppies under the care of the CWN department is to start them off on the best foot (or paw 😉) we can, giving them the best chance for success in their career as a guide, breeder, K-9 buddy, or whatever path they end up taking in life!

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