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Guide Dog Empowers Client to Pursue His Dreams

Sunday August 06, 2023

Brian kneels behind his yellow Lab guide dog with the Washington Monument in the background

Navigating Georgetown Law is no easy feat. Thankfully, Brian Mucyo has his guide dog Mannix by his side. They've been together since meeting, training, and bonding at GDB six years ago.

There’s a magic to what Guide Dogs for the Blind does,” says Brian. He and Mannix are navigating the campus and classrooms at Georgetown Law.

“I do not believe I would be attending my dream law school across the country from where I was living if it weren’t for Mannix, and I wouldn’t have Mannix if it weren’t for GDB. The fact that GDB not only trains the dogs and pairs them with clients but provides ongoing support to their clients is absolutely amazing.”

Brian says he avoided going to new places or crowded areas because it was too stressful. “Mannix seems to thrive in chaos so I rely on his confidence to do those things that I wanted to go but didn’t feel like I could do on my own,” says Brian.

“My day-to-day life now with Mannix is absolutely life-changing. He’s given me so much confidence. I no longer worry how many people will be somewhere or if I’m unfamiliar with a place,” says Brian. “Now I have classmates that call or text me and say hey we’re going to this part of DC and I’m like I’ve never been there but no worries. I know Mannix will be looking out for me.”

Mannix has also served as a social bridge for Brian as he’s gotten to know his fellow classmates. “Mannix is such a good ambassador. He absolutely loves his job.” Brian says people often comment about the smile on Mannix’s face and his wagging tail as he guides Brian to class. “Knowing how much he loves his job makes my day. He may go down in history as the guide dog who never retires,” laughs Brian.

As he thinks about the future, Brian muses: “Two or three years from now, we’ll be done with law school, then we'll go wherever the wind decides to take us. Mannix is as much a part of the class as the rest of us, and my classmates are already figuring out how to get a graduation cap for Mannix when we graduate. When that time comes, we’ll both be ready to conquer the world.” 

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