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How You Can Support Guide Dogs for the Blind Before the Year Ends

GDB alumna Dorlyn Catron smiles while sitting on a bench with her black Lab guide dog Tank. Dorlyn is wearing dark black sunglasses and a gray sweater. Tank is wearing a guide dog harness.

How You Can Support Guide Dogs for the Blind Before the Year Ends

 For the last 75 years, Guide Dogs for the Blind has worked tirelessly to serve people who are blind or visually impaired. We’ve come so far from the days when we operated out of a rented house and employed just a handful of people. Today, we have two campuses and a network of over 2,000 volunteer puppy raising families.. We are so proud to share that more than 14,000 teams have graduated since our founding!

Our gracious donors have funded our efforts to train the next generation of amazing guide dogs, as well as support current and future teams. Over the last year, their generosity has allowed us to: 

- Provide approximately 300 guide dogs to clients.
- Break ground on our brand-new Puppy Center.
- Match specially-selected career change dogs with visually impaired children and young adults.
- Develop an Orientation and Mobility Immersion Program to assist new and prospective students in preparing for their guide dog partnerships.
- Continue to train the next generation of amazing guide dogs.

Because Guide Dogs for the Blind doesn’t receive a penny of government support, the generosity of private donors is essential to our ability to expand and continue our mission.

With the end of the year approaching quickly, our year-end challenge goal is to raise $500,000. Your support can help us reach that goal — and there are so many ways to give:

Make a one-time gift — Your contribution will directly support our work to equip clients, raise puppies and serve alumni at this crucial time of year.

Become a monthly donor — Your sustaining support will make an impact month after month.

Leave a legacy — Make a legacy gift that not only helps you plan for your future while supporting the GDB mission.

Give in honor of a loved one — You can make a special gift to GDB as a meaningful gesture in remembrance of a pet, friend, or family member.

Make a vehicle donation — Help drive GDB forward with a vehicle donation that provides tax benefits as well.

Your generosity will help ensure that Guide Dogs for the Blind has the support we need to continue our work for many years to come!

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