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Sweetness in Seattle

Monday October 09, 2023

Four guide dog puppy raisers holding pups pose in front of a Seattle city bus that has been wrapped with GDB images.

The wheels on the bus were going round and round through the streets of Seattle recently, carrying some adorable VIPs - very important puppies! Nearly 30 guide dog puppies to be exact. The puppies were on the bus as part of a socialization outing designed to expose them to the sights, sounds, and movements of a bus in their journeys toward becoming guide dogs.

Dozens of GDB puppy raising volunteers assembled at the Space Needle with the pups to board the bus and enjoy a brief ride around town. The large turnout attracted a lot of attention and interest from folks visiting the iconic Seattle landmark, giving the puppies even more exposure to new experiences and people.

The bus itself was in on the action as well. As part of GDB's outreach and awareness-building activities, the bus was wrapped in larger-than-life GDB photos, helping to bring attention to our life-changing mission. The bus will continue to roll through the streets of Seattle for the coming months, so if you're visiting the city, keep an eye out!

We are so grateful to the many Seattle-area volunteers who came out to participate in this moving adventure. Thank you!

Check out the video below that highlights the Seattle Puppy Raising Transit Outing: 

Guide Dogs for the Blind is always looking for more puppy raising volunteers. Check out our puppy raising page to see how you can get involved!