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Yay for the ADA!

Friday August 07, 2015

Deanna Lewis with her guide dog

Poem by GDB alumna Deanna Lewis

Being blind can be a drag

But, I just have to brag

Thanks to the ADA

I am able to go on my way

If I head to the museum

My guide dog is free to come

On a college campus

While riding in a city bus

Whether out to eat

Or on a spa retreat

Riding in a taxi cab

Or in a hospital lab

At any place of retail

To walking on a nature trail

While in a shopping mall

Or at a stadium watching football

Inside my local pharmacy

Or at the nearby library

While out to see a movie

I'm free to have my guide dog with me

In a swanky resort

And waiting in an airport

Daily trips to the gym

And at the city pool for a swim

Anywhere the public can be

So can my guide dog and me

At work, I can get the software I need

To do my job well indeed

The ADA gives me these rights

So that I can avoid many fights

So the most important thing I can say is

Yay for the ADA!

Deanna submitted this poem in a local (Cincinnati, OH) writing contest in honor of the 25th anniversary of the ADA. The poem won FIRST PLACE, and she recently had the honor of reading it at a public celebration in downtown Cincinnati. Congratulations, Deanna!

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