If you love working with dogs and want to be part of a great team that is committed to quality, hard work, and excellent care, consider joining GDB as a Training Kennel Technician or Neonatal Kennel Technician. You will ensure that our puppies and dogs are healthy and thriving as they grow, are trained, and become a special match for a person who is visually impaired or blind. Ultimately, you are playing a rewarding part in helping someone regain their independence while you expand your skills and work with an amazing team.

On an average day, we provide care for up to 120 adult dogs in 4 kennels

We work with dogs at a variety of ages, from puppies to adults

Our team has tremendous experience, spanning from new hires to 30+ years


“Working at GDB has been the best experience. I have worked in places that talk about creating a culture. GDB lives it. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive. I have learned a lot about the training experience and caring for dogs in a very short time because of everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge. It is so gratifying to see the dogs on stage for their graduation and know that I had some part of their success.

Ann, Canine Welfare Training Technician

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