Guide Dogs for the Blind's 5th International Clicker Training Seminar
September 23 - 27, 2019
At the California, USA Campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind


Maximizing Positive Reinforcement in Guide Dog Training
At Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB), we believe maximizing positive reinforcement through Clicker Training is the key to our success and has become more of a standard dog training philosophy internationally. 

In 2004, GDB fully integrated Clicker Training methods into all aspects of our formal guidework training program. Now in 2018, we have continued to find additional ways to maximize positive reinforcement through Clicker Training in a number of ways across many of our programs. 

We are eager to share our experiences and methods with our worldwide peers at our fifth International Clicker Training Seminar. Please join us at our beautiful California campus near San Francisco, for a week of Clicker Training for guide dog programs. Learn and experience how Clicker techniques can successfully enhance formal guide dog training, client handling, puppy development, and husbandry/veterinary practices.

Special Guest Speaker: Michele Pouliot
We are pleased to have internationally-recognized Clicker Training and guide dog training expert, Michele Pouliot, join us for the last day of the conference to share her extensive expertise!

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