Below is an example of a Tiled Band/this text is a Heading

Below is a sample of a carousel

Below is a carousel feature with multiple slides. You can navigate through the carousel using the previous and next buttons. Use the arrow keys to read the testimonials.

This is a Section Header - 4 colors avail: Gray, Magenta, Blue, white

This is a BODY BLOCK. Copy spans the width of the page. You can put text and images in a Body Block. Images will take up the entire width. You can include hyperlinks as well (including hyperlinking an image, or hyperlinking to a document - like a PDF or Word file).

Section Header - text is required

This is a TEXT COLUMN WITH CALL TO ACTION (CTA) BUTTONS (text on the left; two hyperlink boxes on the right). You can add photos to the text column, and formatting similar to a body block. The CTA hyperlink buttons can link to a variety of things: any URL; an email address; an asset (like a photo I guess). Both CTA buttons need to be used (you can't just have one).

This is a TEXT COLUMN ACTION BLOCK (text on the left; box with space for a title, copy and a hyperlink button on the right). Same formatting ability to the text box as above.

Action Title - Required.

Action copy - must be brief! Entirely optional.

Go to google

Section Header

This is a TWO COLUMN TEXT BLOCK. Both columns of text can be formatted similar to a body block. This content type is available with a white background or a gray background.

But both columns need content. You can include photos. The black dividing line in the center of the two columns is static.

Section Header

Column 1

This is a 3-COLUMN TEXT BLOCK option.

Headers are optional

Each column requires content, and can include photos - this is how they would be sized (we can't change sizing of images or text wrap).

Column 3

Column 3 - place for copy.

Section Header

Below is a 2-ITEM CTA - it's basically just two hyperlink buttons (no room for other text which is why I'm explaining it here in a BODY BLOCK). Both buttons need content (can't have just one); the black divider line is static.

Hyperlink 1

Hyperlink 2

Thin CTA Band

This band has 3 required fields: Title (left); description (right here - needs to be brief); and hyperlink (right). Some color options.

A guide dog mobility instructor walking with a client and her Golden guide Dog during a training session.

This has to be a quote. The quotation marks are static.

- Morry

This is a Testimonial + Content Block - photo/quote on the left; 2 text blocks on the right. The text block formatting is ALWAYS centered in this content type (can't change it). You can, however, change the position of the image and quote (can go in any of the 4 corners of the page and the text wrap will change accordingly).

I actually don't love this content type - it's not super flexible so it hardly ever gets used.

The "Help Power GDB" section with the donate button can be removed from any page, but the default is for it to be included. If it stays, its placement on the page cannot change (it stays anchored atop the footer) - nor can its content (the wording, the hyperlink - all baked in).

The FOOTER on this page is static and cannot be changed (everything in the sections with the black and gray backgrounds below).