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Are you interested in learning about the guide dog lifestyle? Guide Dogs for the Blind hosts an in-depth guide dog exploration learning opportunity called a Guide Dog Lifestyle Workshop. This free, half-day event gives individuals interested in pursuing the guide dog lifestyle self-assessment tools to determine guide dog readiness.

The Workshop Purpose

Guide Dog Lifestyle Workshops introduce you to the unique benefits and responsibilities of working and living with a guide dog. You will gain information through discussion and hands-on experiences. You will leave with the ability to make an informed decision as to whether or not a guide dog is a viable mobility choice for you.

You will learn:

  • The differences between using a long white cane or a guide dog for mobility
  • GDB’s requirements for training with a guide dog
  • Why strong orientation and mobility skills are vital to being a successful guide dog handler
  • What GDB's training process entails

You will experience:

  • A simulated walk with a guide dog
  • Navigating a route with a real guide dog in harness

Things to Consider

  • To get the most out of this workshop you should already have had some instruction in basic orientation and mobility (O&M) skills.
  • Guide Dog Lifestyle Workshops are presented in a group setting in an adult learning style. They are recommended for ages 14 and older (excluding youth-specific workshops).
  • These events are hosted for individuals and groups of people who are visually impaired and accompanying blindness professionals.
  • To close the day, you'll participate in a wrap-up session where you will be invited to share your experiences and offer feedback. This information will help us to continue to improve the workshop in the future.
  • Want to attend? Reserve your spot today! Reservations are required to attend.

Workshop Dates, Locations, and Reservations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety precautions at GDB as of June 16, 2021

While California is removing the bulk of its pandemic restrictions on June 15th, Guide Dogs for the Blind is continuing to lead with care and follow our existing protocols. We are targeting July 1st, the beginning of our new fiscal year, as the return to full operations. This may not equal the “pre-pandemic” way of operating, but this will be marked by a return to standard class sizes, more volunteers returning to campus, and increased travel by members of various departments, among other things. While we will not be opening campuses to the general public at this time, there will likely be an increase in small groups of planned, escorted guests on site.

2021 Workshop Dates - California Campus:

  • October 14
  • December 8

To enroll or learn more about guide dog lifestyle workshops taking place at GDB’s California campus, contact:
Jane Flower, Youth Outreach Specialist
Phone: 800 295 4050
Email: [email protected]

2021 Workshop Dates  - Oregon Campus: 

  • December 1

To enroll or learn more about guide dog lifestyle workshops taking place at GDB’s Oregon campus, contact:
Jake Koch, Community Outreach Specialist
Phone: 800 295 4050
Email: [email protected]

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