Lights, Camera, Action!

After several years in the making, we are excited to announce that GDB is the subject of an award-winning, feature-length documentary, titled Pick of the Litter. The film had its world premiere in January, 2018 at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Directed by Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, it follows a litter of GDB puppies from the moment they are born. The filmmakers received unprecedented access to raisers, staff, and clients in order to capture the puppies’ journeys. The movie—which features audio description—was purchased by IFC Films/Sundance Selects and will receive distribution in theaters and beyond this year. 

Official Movie Trailer (with Audio Description)

Official Movie Trailer (with Written Description, below)

Video description: A Sundance Selects logo and more than a dozen audience award graphics appear on the screen before the start of the trailer. The trailer starts with a scene of a handler working a guide dog and text overlay reads, “In the competition to become a Guide Dog for the Blind.” Various scenes show the litter of puppies being born. A man is shown traveling with his cane and text reads, “Getting it right is a matter of life and death.” A guide dog is shown working and then the film cuts to scenes of cars driving. A text slide reads, “These five puppies.” The puppies are each shown with their name written on the screen. Another text slide reads, “Will train for 20 months.” Various clips show the puppy raisers interacting with their puppies in training. A text slide reads, “But only the best.” Various scenes of puppies are shown and then a text slide reads, “Will make the cut.” More young puppies are shown followed by scenes of one of the puppies in training displaying less than ideal behavior. We are shown various scenes of the puppies in training doing obedience and training work, some do it correctly while others struggle. There is a mix of scenes of the dogs during formal training and being trained at a younger age by their puppy raisers. There are more scenes of an instructor working the dogs followed by a scene of someone using a cane to travel. There are scenes of the puppy raisers waiting to find out if their dogs have passed and then individual scenes of each dog as a text slide appears which reads, “Pick of the Litter.” The trailer ends with a raiser hugging one of the dogs. The trailer credits appear on a text slide.

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Cinequest Red Carpet
GDB on the red carpet at Cinequest film festival in San Jose, CA.

Check out photos from the Pick of the Litter screening at Cinequest in San Jose, CA!