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A woman in a red sweater walking with a black Lab guide dog down a tree-lined path.

Central Bark Episode 40

The Impact of Rideshare Denials on Service Dog Handlers

Guide Dogs for the Blind surveyed its alumni in the US and Canada to identify common experiences with rideshare denials. In this episode, GDB Alumni Association Manager, Amy Salger, and Lead Researcher, Melba Vélez-Ortiz, share the staggering results and what GDB is doing to ensure that rideshare companies are held accountable for these egregious actions. To learn more, visit guidedogs.com/rideshare for more details.

A woman in a red sweater walking with a black Lab guide dog down a tree-lined path.

Central Bark

A podcast by Guide Dogs for the Blind

Central Bark shares the stories and conversations that bring our mission to life. Join host, Theresa Stern, and special guests as they discuss how lives are changed every day through the special partnerships created between people, dogs and communities at Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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GDB CEO Christine Benninger snuggles a yellow Lab puppy in front of the Puppy Center.

2024 Update with Christine Benninger

Central Bark Episode 36

A guide dog handler and a student conduct an informational interview.

Careers & Canine Connections 2024

Central Bark Episode 35

Dr. Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere

Central Bark Episode 33

Aria Mia Loberti- Part Two

Central Bark Episode 32

Aria Mia Loberti stands with her hands on her hips smiling widely at the camera. Her black Lab guide dog Ingrid sits in front of her wearing a strand of pearls around her neck.

Aria Mia Loberti - Part One

Central Bark Episode 31

Kym stands confidently with her hands on her hips. In front of her is a large barbell loaded with heavy weights. In front of that is her retired yellow Lab guide dog, Citrus. Both Kym and Citrus wear matching sunglasses as the look into the camera.

Kym Dekeyrel

Central Bark Episode 30

Black and white image of Ness. He is wearing a black tee and sunglasses with a slight smile on his face.

Meet Ness Murby

Central Bark Episode 28

Cheri is seated beside her yellow Lab guide dog, Martinez, near the coast. Martinez lands a big kiss on her cheek while Cheri laughs.

Cheri Owen and Martinez

Central Bark Episode 26

Jason walks with his black Lab guide dog, Morry through a pathway lined on either side with tall rose bushes.

Dr. Jason Doorish and Morry

Central Bark Episode 24

Family photo of the Edwards family including GDB clients Ethan and Elyssa. Ethan's yellow Lab guide dog, Ginsburg, stands by his side.

Sara Edwards

Central Bark Episode 23

Shane is seated with their black Lab guide dog, Chevelle, seated in front of them. They hold up an award and smile broadly.

Shane Dittmar and Chevelle

Central Bark Episode 22

A young adult is seated beside a yellow Lab guide dog following a guided walk during Camp GDB.

Careers & Canine Connections

Central Bark Episode 21

Mary Wilson sits beside her black Lab guide dog, Thor, along the Appalachian Trail.

Mary Wilson and Thor

Central Bark Episode 20

Dana works with her crew during the filming of Pick of the Litter. She gives instructions to a puppy raiser who is working with a black Lab guide dog in training.

Meet Filmmaker Dana Nachman

Central Bark Episode 19

A smiling woman holds a puppy.

Puppy Raising Q&A

Central Bark Episode 18

Steve walks beside his black Lab K9 Buddy, Bill. Steve holds a leash in one hand and his partner's arm in the other.

K9 Buddy Program

Central Bark Episode 17

Jake Koch with his black Lab guide dog, Forli

Q&A with GDB

Central Bark Episode 15

Brooke kneels beside her black Lab guide dog on a bridge. Brook is wearing her reflective GDB jacket and a red backpack. The dog looks curiously at the camera.

Back to School with Brooke Coelho

Central Bark Episode 14

Kate sits on a log beside her yellow Lab guide dog. She rests one hand on the dog's shoulder and holds the leash with the other.

Traveling with your guide dog

Central Bark Episode 13

A man kneels next to his guide dog.

Paul Castle and Mr. Maple

Central Bark Episode 12

Melba stands with her yellow Lab guide dog Chad on the campus of the college where she is tenured professor. She  smiles widely at the camera.

Melba Veléz-Ortiz and Chad

Central Bark Episode 11

A portrait of Joey and a yellow Lab guide dog in a wooded area.

The Art of the Match at GDB

Central Bark Episode 8

Jen smiles brightly at the camera in a selfie.

National Volunteer Month at GDB

Central Bark Episode 7

Promotional image of Central Bark episode 6 featuring two side by side images of Ava Basso and her yellow Lab guide dog and Gabriella Drago and her black Lab guide dog. The images appear to be on a cell phone. Text on the image reads "TikTok Takeover with Gabriella Drago and Ava Basso"

TikTok Take Over

Central Bark Episode 6

A volunteer puppy raiser gets a smooch from a yellow Lab puppy.

Raise a Puppy Change A Life

Central Bark Episode 4

Amit Ahuja hugs his black Lab guide dog, Tashi.

Amit Ahuja

Central Bark Episode 3

Welcome to Central Bark!

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