Our Vision

Within each GDB puppy resides the potential to change the world. Our Puppy Center will provide a safe, warm, and enriching environment for puppies as they begin their journeys to become guide dogs. We believe the new Center, which will be built on our California campus and include areas for puppy birthing (the Puppy Nursery), puppy socialization (the Young Heroes Academy), and a public education center (the Learning Lab), will greatly improve the health and success of our puppies, so that more of them reach their potential to become guide dogs that transform lives.

The Center will feature three key components:

An architect's rendering of the front of the Puppy Center.

The Plan: A $20 Million campaign

The innovative Puppy Center will not only address the limitations of the existing facility, but also be a signature project that will more effectively position GDB to advance our mission and strategic objectives in the future. The new Center is expected to cost approximately $20 million. We anticipate raising funds for the project primarily from individual donors, foundations and corporations. Our goal is to complete the new Center by mid-2019.

An architect's rendering of the Puppy Center's courtyard plaza.

Designing for Our Future

The Puppy Center will feature approximately 28,000 square feet of space and provide enhancements in animal welfare and socialization, biosecurity, and improved working environments. It will incorporate best practices that will not only protect the wellbeing of our puppies, but also enhance their socialization experience and allow staff and volunteers to perform their roles efficiently and ergonomically. By increasing capacity, creating healthier environments, and educating our visitors in unique ways, our vision for creating a state-of-the art facility will be fully realized.

For more information about the Puppies with a Purpose campaign, please contact Lisa Poehlmann at lpoehlmann@guidedogs.com, or 415.492-4190, or any member of our Fundraising team