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K9 Buddy Curriculum: Equipment

Our leather leash can be converted to two different lengths, 3’ and 5’. Its hardware is attached using braids. At either end of the strap of leather is a snap, one slightly larger than the other. Beside the larger snap is an “O” ring. Attach the smaller snap to this ring when you want a short leash, in public and on most walks, while heeling. When you require a long leash (e.g. for leash relieving, during obedience), you can make the change easily. There is another “O” ring approximately 2’ from the small snap. Switching the smaller snap to this ring creates a loop handle for the long leash.

A new leash is quite stiff. As you work with it, the leash will become soft and supple, and stretch over time.

The collar your new K9 Buddy will have is called a flat collar. This consists of a thick piece of nylon webbing with plastic buckles at either end. The leash attaches to a metal “D” ring sewn into the collar.

Head Collar
The Gentle Leader™ is the brand name of head collar that GDB issues to all clients. It is common to refer to the head collar by its brand name. Head collars are similar to halters used on horses and offer an effective way to manage your dog. If you have control of the dog’s head, the body will follow. The head collar is a tool to be used either on a regular or situational basis. The leash is attached to the ring of the head collar, under the dog’s jaw. The safety strap is attached to the head collar and the ring of the standard collar. The head collar should be removed whenever the dog is not being supervised. Head collars have become commonplace and are available in a range of bright colors along with colors that blend in with the dog’s coat. 

Tie Downs
A tie down is a short, strong cable encased in a soft plastic sheath with snaps on each end. It is a simple way to confine a dog to a given area and can be readily moved from one place to another.

Tie downs are an effective tool to help maintain good house behavior. The tie down does not often tangle, but if it does wrap around your dog’s leg, calmly unsnap the tie down from the wall and de-tangle your dog.

All dogs are familiar and comfortable being on a tie down. Many dogs associate being on tie down with “quiet time”, so they generally settle shortly after being placed there. With your dog wearing just its flat collar, attach the tie down to the “D” ring on the collar. Avoid attaching the tie-down or leash to the small ring that contains the ID, microchip, and Rabies tags, it will unravel and break with tension. Remember to remove the leash when your dog is on tie down.

Feeding & Watering Pans
Stainless steel pans for water and food are easy to clean and very durable. Food and water bowls are an item that you will need to purchase in preparation for your dog’s arrival.

Food Pouch
Your food pouch may be clipped onto your belt or fastened around your waist.

Grooming Equipment
You will receive a GDB mini backpack which includes grooming tools for brushing your dog’s coat and removing loose hair, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and washcloth.

If you live in a climate with frequent rainy weather, you may wish to purchase a raincoat - they are available through our gift shop online at www.guidedogs.com. They come in either highly visible or conservative color, both with reflective stripes. Ruffwear.com also carries a line of durable raincoats for dogs.

Dog Boots
Well-fitting booties can protect your dog’s feet from very hot or cold surfaces and chemicals or sharp objects on the road. GDB staff will discuss with you if booties are necessary in your situation.

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