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K9 Buddy Curriculum: Guidelines for GDB Scarves on K9 Buddy Dogs

A Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) K9 Buddy scarf is designed to identify that a K9 Buddy dog has a connection to Guide Dogs for the Blind and therefore, different expectations may apply when this dog is out and about. It gives the K9 Buddy client/family a chance to educate people about GDB, and hopefully provides more space from other dogs since we want to avoid dog/dog interactions with unknown dogs. The GDB K9 Buddy scarf should only be used on your K9 Buddy dog. K9 Buddy dogs do not have “public access” and should only be taken places where pet dogs are allowed.

When the K9 Buddy dog is wearing a GDB K9 Buddy scarf:

  • The K9 Buddy dog must remain close to handler on a short leash, do not allow sniffing or pulling. The K9 Buddy dog should always be under control.
  • The K9 Buddy dog is not allowed to visit with other dogs – be prepared to move away or block your dog from going “nose to nose” with another dog.
  • The K9 Buddy dog needs to be given permission to visit with people and not pull you to them. You should have your dog sit for petting and should not allow any jumping up during greetings. If the K9 Buddy dog is too excited or not behaving appropriately, do not allow people to pet him or her.
  • Scarves should only be worn when the dog is on leash with a person. Remove the scarf when in the car or in a crate, or if not directly supervised when on tie-down to prevent chewing.
  • When worn, scarves should always be in a clean, presentable condition. To clean your scarf, please hand wash and hang dry, and iron on low heat only.

When you take a K9 Buddy dog into public places (where pet dogs are allowed), remember that you are representing Guide Dogs for the Blind. Be prepared to focus on your buddy dog and their behavior in addition to answering questions from the public while completing your tasks. Be prepared to leave if the K9 Buddy dog is not behaving appropriately or having a difficult time for any reason.

Special Note: The K9 Buddy scarf remains the property of Guide Dogs for the Blind. Violation of use of the scarf will result in the scarf being revoked by GDB staff. GDB staff may request return of the scarf at any time.

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