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K9 Buddy Curriculum: Kong Stuffing Recipe


  • Soak 3/4 cup of the dog’s kibble in warm water until kibble absorbs water and is soft
  • Drain excess water
  • Put softened kibble into Kong
  • Put a small “cap” of peanut butter across large opening
  • Put in freezer (can place in a bowl or plastic bag to prevent dripping)
  • To make it harder, put in a spoonful of kibble then pack it down with a spoon, repeat until Kong is filled.

Levels of Difficulty (listed easiest to hardest)

  1. Kong with dry kibble
  2. Kong with soaked kibble, not packed in or frozen
  3. Kong with soaked kibble, packed in but not frozen
  4. Kong with soaked kibble, not packed, frozen
  5. Kong with soaked kibble, lightly packed in, frozen
  6. Kong with soaked kibble, moderately packed in, frozen
  7. Kong with soaked kibble, firmly packed in, frozen


  • Food given in a kong should be removed from the dog’s daily ration
  • Food-stuffed Kong should be given separate from other dogs (typically in a crate or x-pen).
  • Prevent children from interacting with the dog or attempting to take the toy away (stuffed Kongs are great to use when you have to leave the dog home alone).
  • Wash the Kong with warm soapy water in between uses (or it can be put in a dishwasher).

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