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Guide Dogs for the Blind Explainer Videos

Short, illustrated videos on Guide Dogs for the Blind and blindness-related topics.

Illustration of three people in a boutique shop; one person has a guide dog.

Brush up on etiquette for interacting with a person who is blind or visually impaired, as well as tips for when you meet someone with a guide dog.

Explainer Video: Etiquette

Raise a puppy, change a life. And the life you change might just be your own! Dive into our puppy raising program, and learn how you can volunteer.

Explainer Video: Puppy Raising
An illustration of a group of people, and five GDB program dogs (guide dog puppies, breeder dog, guide dog, K9 Buddy).

Learn about our Guide Dog Program and the community that supports Guide Dogs for the Blind's mission.

Explainer Video: About GDB
Illustration of a person with a guide dog waiting to get in a ride share vehicle.

Get information about transit accessibility, including ride share options, for people traveling with guide dogs.

Explainer Video: Transit