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A young man dressed for work walks with his yellow Lab guide dog.

Guide Dog Handler Rideshare Survey

In an effort to identify the ever-increasing challenges our graduates face in patronizing rideshare services, GDB surveyed its alumni in the US and Canada in January and February of 2023. The goal of the research was to identify common experiences among surveyed individuals that reveal a need for intervention and/or increased awareness to improve the daily experiences of alums and members of the broader blind community. More specifically, GDB set out to explore three key questions:

  • How are rideshare denials impacting guide dog handlers in US and Canada?
  • Are rideshare denials impacting certain demographic groups more than others?
  • How widespread are self-reported rideshare denials among GDB alumni?

The study revealed how pervasive and pernicious ride share denials can be for guide dog users. Detailed findings and media coverage of the study are provided below.

Read the Complete Rideshare Survey Report

Report File

Download a copy of the survey findings report.

Tips for Navigating Rideshare Services and Reporting Denials