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A GDB graduate walks with his yellow Lab guide dog along Crowne Point in Oregon with the beautiful Columbia Gorge in the background

Guide Dogs for the Blind's Mission


Guide Dogs for the Blind harnesses the power of partnerships—connecting people, dogs, and communities—to transform the lives of individuals with visual impairments.


An inclusive world where people with visual impairments have equal opportunities and live full, independent lives.


Guide Dogs for the Blind is one organization, with one set of values, operating in multiple locations. We are aligned around a common vision and mission and hold ourselves and each other responsible for operating by the following values and behaviors:

Mission First

  • Ensure that every action or decision is aligned with GDB’s commitment to the mission
  • Provide superior service across all aspects of the organization


  • Demonstrate accountability, transparency (except when confidentiality applies), and honesty with all actions and decisions
  • Act with and assume positive intent

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Value individuality and foster a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive culture.
  • Create a community where everybody feels included, respected, and safe to be their authentic self.

Kindness and Respect

  • Treat every being with dignity and sensitivity
  • Balance professionalism with humor

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Encourage open communication
  • Practice proactive, thoughtful and inclusive interactions


  • Promote personal development and self-reliance
  • Support learning and innovation through risk-taking