Partners for Independent Travel
At GDB we are proud to partner with orientation and mobility (O&M) specialists. Your services are an essential part of preparing individuals who are visually impaired to be successfully partnered with a guide dog. We thank you for serving as our ambassadors, and for providing the critical skills that create the foundation for the enhanced independence, mobility, and freedom that go along with the guide dog lifestyle.

Is Your Client Ready? 
To determine if a client would be good candidate to travel with a guide dog, please visit our O&M Client Readiness page to learn what traits and skills a person should possess in order to be successful. Typically, candidates must demonstrate the following: 

Is your client ready for a guide dog? See our Readiness Checklist.

O&M Client Readiness

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O&M Immersion Program

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Refer your clients to our virtual guide dog learning series.

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