Partners for Independent Travel
At GDB we are proud to partner with orientation and mobility specialists. Your services are an essential part of preparing individuals who are visually impaired to be successfully partnered with a guide dog. We thank you for serving as our ambassadors, and for providing the critical skills that create the foundation for the enhanced independence, mobility, and freedom that go along with the guide dog lifestyle.

Is Your Client Ready? 
To determine if a client would be good candidate to travel with a guide dog, please visit our O&M Client Readiness page (link below) to learn what traits and skills a person should possess in order to be successful. Typically, candidates must demonstrate the following: 

If your client is ready, the next step is for them to complete our Application. The application captures their basic information and asks for details of three of their established independent travel routes.

Is your client ready for a guide dog? See our Readiness Checklist.

O&M Client Readiness

Learn about our free O&M Immersion program for potential GDB clients.

O&M Immersion Program

My Client is Ready, They’ve Applied to Your School… Now What?

Once an application is received, our Admissions Department will schedule a phone interview to gather other pertinent details. If the candidate seems ready to commence training with a guide dog in our program, the next step will be to schedule a home visit and interview.

By the time a home visit is scheduled with your client, we would expect him/her to have finished orientation and mobility instruction and be a proficient traveler within his/her community and or work place. Although we request each applicant have a minimum of three established routes, we will only observe one route during the home visit. Typically, the applicant will be observed walking in one direction to a specific destination. The return route is a "Juno" walk/demonstration. (Juno is our term for a simulated walk with a guide dog - the candidate will be holding the handle of an empty guide dog harness and be led by the interviewer. Dogs are not used during the interview.) Basic guidework principles are introduced during this Juno walk. After basic instruction, your client will be evaluated on his/her ability to grasp and apply Juno concepts.

Following the home visit, your client will be notified regarding the next steps in their admissions process. Next steps may include confirming a class date or your client may be asked to work on some specific techniques and then reconnect with us once these are mastered.

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