Please visit us at one of our campuses! We offer a variety of tours for individuals and groups on a regular basis, and our graduation ceremonies are open to the public. A GDB graduation is a public ceremony that commemorates the accomplishments of our students and their new guide dogs during their past two weeks in class. Puppy raisers are invited to the graduation ceremonies to celebrate the life-changing partnerships they helped create and graduating class members bid farewell to return to their homes and families with their canine partners by their sides. Our campus tours give you the opportunity to see our campuses, facilities, and to learn more about our life-changing mission. 

Please note: while you may get to see many guide dogs and puppies, we do not allow visitors to bring their pet dogs on our campuses.




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Photography Policy

Guide Dogs for the Blind allows photography on our campuses and at our graduation ceremonies for personal use. However, the sale, rental, or commercial use of photography is prohibited (this includes photos or video of our facilities/grounds, dogs, clients, volunteers, and staff). Professional editorial photography or videography must be approved in advance by GDB's Marketing Department. Please contact VP of Marketing and Communications Karen Woon for approval: