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A group of GDB friends five young ladies with either their guide dog puppies or working guide dog.


Thanks to our volunteers, we're harnessing the power of partnership.

Some partnerships are just meant to be. Not only is this true for GDB alumni and their guide dogs, it's true throughout our entire organization. The partnerships with thousands of passionate volunteers across the country who donate their time, talents, and hearts are what make Guide Dogs for the Blind a reality.

Volunteers welcome dogs into their homes; they act as program ambassadors; they provide administrative support to many departments, and they support the mission in myriad ways. If you want to give your time, there's no shortage of ways to help. Explore the many options, and decide what interests you most, and then get in touch.

There are many ways to make a lasting impact.

A puppy raiser wearing a bright pink shirt sitting next to a smiling Golden Retriever guide dog puppy.

Raise a future canine hero.

Puppy Raising
A GDB volunteer doing some work in an office.

Support GDB in a variety of ways on campus.

Campus Volunteers
A happy woman sitting next to a smiling yellow Lab GDB breeder dog.

Be a custodian for a breeder dog (SF Bay Area).

Breeder Dog Custodians
A yellow Lab chewing on a bone and lying on a fleece dog bed.

Help us support our dogs in foster care.

Foster Care Providers
Did You Know

The average GDB client will have four guide dogs in the course of their lifetime.

Help Power GDB

Your donation enables us to raise puppies, equip clients, and serve alumni.

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